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Curious Living

Oct 15, 2020

After being cooped up in our homes and away from others for such a long period of time, many of us may be looking for ways to get back out there and help those in need. Who are these "others?" Are they our neighbors? How can we help them most right now? Are their needs more than they were prior to COVID?

In this episode we talk with the Executive Director of the Mooresville Christian Mission, Amy LaCount, to ask these very questions. She shares some important insights for us as we begin seeking ways to truly help and show love to our neighbors in need.

Show Notes

Amy LaCount has a strong professional background working to alleviate poverty both in local communities as well as in developing countries around the world. She has a deep passion for helping those in need, which stems from growing up in Kentucky where she saw poverty first-hand. 

Amy holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and a Masters of Science in Safety, Security and Emergency Management from Eastern Kentucky University.

Amy lives with her husband Shane (Deputy Chief of the Mooresville Fire Department) and children Avery and JP. She and her family enjoy spending time outdoors, especially in the mountains of North Carolina. “I love all of God’s children and genuinely enjoy meeting people right where they are,” she explained. “My life and work experiences have taught me that we are not to ‘fix’, but to learn and empower each other.”

  • Learn more about the Mooresville Christian Mission:
  • Mooresville Christian Mission is having a virtual Turkey Trot to raise funds for their mission - click HERE to read more and to participate.
  • If you live local to the Mooresville area, click HERE to volunteer to serve. Even kids can serve!
  • Click HERE to donate to the Mooresville Christian Mission.
  • Follow the Mooresville Christian Mission on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.