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Curious Living

Jul 1, 2022

This episode is close to our heart at Williamson's Chapel because it's about caring for kids who age out of the foster care system. We have several families who are foster parents and we are devoted to helping families who foster and the children in the foster care system. Miriam's ministry is powerful and you may feel called to join her in helping these vulnerable children.

Guest Information

Miriam Cobb is the founder and director at Empty Frames Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to empowering orphaned and vulnerable youth as they transition out of state care.

Within this role, Miriam advocates for youth exiting care compiles new and successful resources for this population and develops programs and curricula to meet this international need. Empty Frames Initiative recently published the book, The Story of Foster Care, which served as a pilot of EFI’s photography-based literacy curriculum, Storytelling Through Photography. The book explains foster care from the perspective of 3 former foster youth, 2 social workers, and 2 foster parents, and serves as a model of what Miriam hopes Empty Frames Initiative will be to others: an organization that empowers individuals to tell their stories, become connected to their community, and find hope in Christ.

In 2019 Miriam served on the North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking Board of Directors, chairing the Community/Faith Based committee. She continues bringing awareness to the intersection of human trafficking and state care through speaking engagements, seeing this as a significant need that is often misunderstood or unmentioned in the broader discussion of human trafficking. Because many social justice issues can be tied to state care models and childhood trauma, she actively looks
to understand, and engage her community in understanding, the intersectionality of needs.
Instagram: @emptyframesinitiative

Empty Frames Initiative offers training in life skills, counseling, community, and access to the Gospel. EFI is inspired and driven by the heart of the Father. We believe everyone is created with a purpose.