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Curious Living

Sep 1, 2022

We hear it all of the time - how important it is to love yourself. This is rule #1 when building (or rebuilding) self-esteem. But to "agape" love yourself is so much more. It's a deeper love. It's the love Jesus has for us and that's a powerful love. 

In this episode, we talk about how to truly "agape" love ourselves the way Jesus loves us. Our guest, Amy Connell, guides us through the importance of this practice and how to integrate this level of love into our everyday lives.

Guest Info

Amy Connell is a certified personal trainer who wants you to take a rest day and a nutrition coach who wants you to enjoy dessert. She founded Graced Health in 2016 to equip women with simple and grace-filled ways to take care of and appreciate their God-created body … and enjoy a little chocolate in the process. Amy is the host of the Graced Health podcast and author of Your Worthy Body: Find Freedom in Health by Breaking All the Rules. She lives in the Houston, Texas area with her husband, their two always-hungry teen boys, and her stray-turned princess pit bull, Grace.