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Curious Living

Aug 1, 2023

Welcome to our 50th episode! Thank you for listening! In this episode, we will hear from an incredibly brave woman who endured a devastating tragedy. She not only endured, but she grew closer to God and found an incredible hope throughout her experience. She shares all of this with us in this episode so we hope you'll check it out!

Guest Info

Debbie Wilkins Baisden, mom of four boys, was widowed without warning.  The depth of pain was only matched by the depth of God’s faithfulness.  A former teacher, this remarried widow is a mompreneur with a passion for helping women thrive.  
In 2013 she co-created Momsanity, an online community seeking balance in Motherhood, Faith, Fitness, and Nutrition.  In 2014 she established Fit With Deb, an online health resource for Nutrition and Exercise.

Described as profoundly opinionated, invitingly authentic, and downright sarcastic, her passion is uplifting others in a way that reflects Jesus.  She writes in a down-to-earth style that both teaches and affirms the reader.  She promotes balanced living amidst chaos for busy women who love Christ.

Wondering what “free time” is, Debbie lives in North Carolina with her new husband Jason and sons (Paul, Brad, Andrew, and Joshua).