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Curious Living

Dec 1, 2021

Grieving a deep loss is a process and, at times, we may feel as though we will never have joy again. But there can be joy on the other side and our guest for this episode helps unpack grief and shares hope for the joy that this to come. 

We intentionally published this episode as Christmas approaches because we know the challenge many face as the holidays arrive. Others expect us to smile and have joy, as they do, but they simply don't understand how hard it is to have joy in the midst of our grief. We hope that this episode will lift you and help you see the joy that can be found on the other side.

Guest Information

Laura Warfel uses the gifts and strengths God has given her to help others become more than they ever think or imagine they can be. Laura does this by connecting people with other people, with valuable resources, and with the truth and direction found in God’s Word. She enthusiastically shares her expertise in writing, editing, marketing, public relations to help individuals and organizations improve their communications.

Today, Laura's passion is to help one, two, three, fifty, hundreds, thousands of widows to be more than widows. Her goal is to form an army of churches and resources to provide the help widows need to survive and thrive. Along the way, she encourages everyone God sends her way to be more and do more with his/her life.